You are the key to success for the dogs! image

You are the key to success for the dogs!

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Only in 2020 would we bring you the opportunity to sponsor TWO events at once! Our 3rd Annual Halloween Howl will take place on Halloween morning, and the next weekend we will be offering a fall version of our 10th Annual escorted motorcycle ride followed by a home-cooked BBQ lunch at Big Sky Farm/Canine Pet Rescue.

With your sponsorship, you will be featured on the back of our event shirts (with a sponsor commitment by 10/23/2020), have your company logo featured on our Facebook Page, newsletters, and more!

2020 marks the 10th year for our Bikes Barks & BBQ event for Canine Pet Rescue! This event has become the largest annual fundraiser for our rescue and allows us to continue our work throughout the year. Being willing to always take on the hard cases is what sets us apart from other rescues, and YOU allow that to happen! The pandemic has been hard on everyone, and with your help we can continue to do what we do for the dogs.


BRONZE ($250): 2 BBQ Lunch Tickets / 2 T-Shirts

SILVER ($500): 4 BBQ Lunch Tickets / 4 T-Shirts

GOLD ($1,000): 6 BBQ Lunch Tickets / 6 T-Shirts

SAPPHIRE ($1,500): 8 BBQ Lunch Tickets / 8 T-Shirts

RUBY ($2,500): 10 BBQ Lunch Tickets / 10 T-Shirts

DIAMOND ($5,000): 12 BBQ Lunch Tickets / 12 T-Shirts