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Donate today to make a difference




Donate today to make a difference

Meet Irma. She is just a baby, only 4 months old when we took her in.
Irma came to us from a local animal control. We thought we were getting a happy, bouncy, playful and healthy puppy. Sadly, Irma had an obviously hurt back leg. She had a significant limp and could not play for more than a few minutes without having to stop due to pain. After several visits with our great doctors, it was determined that Irma needed an amputation.

Meet Ranger. He was shot and taken to an emergency vet clinic by the police. His owners were notified and came to pick him up - but declined all medical treatment. He came to CPR 3 weeks later, with an open and bleeding wound and a leg with multiple fractures and infection from being untreated since he was shot. Ranger needed a surgery to install an external metal stabilizer called a fixator, to try and keep his bones still so that they could heal.

Meet Klaus. Klaus, just 16 months old, was owned by a dog trainer and was supposedly in DC in training as a security dog. Instead, he was found in a local animal control weighing only 50 pounds. After medical intervention, food and supplements, Klaus gained 26 pounds in 3 weeks.

These are just a few of the dogs your donations have allowed CPR to help in the past few months. It is with your continued support that we can keep up this good work.

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